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Walnut shell grit/ powder for ploshing

Product: Walnut shell

Color: Brown/ yellow

Usage: Abrasive material, water treatment material

Size: 1-2 2-4mm F 16-220 mesh

Packing: 25 kg/bag


Walnut shell is a kind of granular material processed by degreasing, crushing, screening, etc., with microporous surface and good adsorption effect. It is also a natural polishing material and polishing abrasive. Using it as an abrasive will not damage the work piece. Good surface and polishing effect.

Advantages of Walnut Shell

  • High toughness
  • Wear resistance and compression resistance
  • Strong adsorption capacity
  • Insoluble in acid and alkali
  • Good hydrophilicity

Usage of Walnut Shell

  • Polishing
  • Filter material
  • Abrasive material
  • Water treatment

Specification of Walnut Shell

AppearanceGranularColorYellow/Light yellow
Specific Gravity1.2-1.4SolubilityInsoluble
Volumetric Weight850kg/m3Proportion1.2-1.5g/cm3
Rind Puffing Rate3%Wear Rate1.5 %
Oil Removal Efficiency90-95%Void Ratio47
Charring Temperature243C (470F)Bulk Density0.8g/cm3
Backwashing Strength25m3/m2.hParticle ShapeIrregular
Water Flushing Pressure0.32MPaFiltration Rate20-26m/h
PH at 25C in neutral water4-6Oil Content0.25%

Free moisture

(80C for 15HRS)

3-9%HardnessMOH 2.5-4
Suspended Solids

Removal Rate


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