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Walnut shell for automobile exhaust pipe cleaning

Product: Walnut Shell

Color: Yellow/ Light brown

Size: F 5-400 mesh

Use: Soft mental cleaning

Packing: 25 kg/bag


Walnut shells are hard fiber products made from crushed walnut shells according to international trade standards. It is the most common type of soft abrasive in the industry. The walnut shell has excellent durability and is now widely used for spray cleaning and polishing of soft metals, glass, fiberglass, wood, plastic and stone.

Advantages of Walnut Shell

  • High toughness
  • Wear resistance and compression resistance
  • Strong adsorption capacity
  • Insoluble in acid and alkali
  • Good hydrophilicity

Application of Walnut Shell

  • Sofe mental cleaning
  • Cosmetic use
  • Jewelry polishing
  • Water treatment
  • Machine cleaning

Specification of Walnut Shell

Moh’s hardness2.5-3.0
Specific gravity1.28
Real density3.86g/cm3
Bulk density2.36kg/L

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