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Reduced iron powder for hot generating bag

Product: Reduced Iron sand powder

Color: Black

Usage: Heat generating bag

Packing: 25 kg/bag or ton bag


When air enters, the reduced iron powder can immediately react with oxygen to generate heat, which can keep the temperature at about 45 degrees for up to 4 hours.

Advantage of Sponge Iron powder

  • Microstructure is very loose
  • Surface area is extremely large

Application of Sponge Iron powder

  • Heat generating bag
  • Precious metal reduction
  • Welding process
  • Food preservation
  • Chemical catalyst
  • Cutting stainless steel
  • Metallurgy

Specification of Sponge Iron powder

Density 2.2 g/cm3
Compressive strength 1500N/T
Fe 96-98%
Corrosion resistance index ≤3.4%
SiO2+AL2O3 ≤5.5%
S ≤0.03%
Specific surface area 85g/cm3

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