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Powdered activated carbon for water treatment

Products: Powdered activated carbon

Usage: Water purification

Common Size: 100 200 325mesh

Packing: 25kg/ bag


Powdered activated carbon is refined from coconut shell,nut shells and sawdust as raw materials. The appearance of wood powdered activated carbon is black and fine powder, non-toxic and odorless. It has a large specific surface area and strong adsorption capacity. Wood powdered activated carbon has few impurities and high filtration speed.

Advantages of powdered activated carbon

  1. High adsorption ability
  2. Large specific area
  3. Excellent decolorization performance
  4. Easy regeneration

Application of powdered activated carbon

  1. Sugar industry water purification
  2. Pharmaceuticals water purify
  3. Beverages industry water treatment
  4. Alcohol industry water treatment
  5. Waste water treatment

Specification of powdered activated carbon

Item Indicator
Raw material coconut shell / nut shell
Packing Density (g/cm³) 0.45-0.55
Caramel Decolorization Rate(%) 100%
Ash Content (%) 4
Moisture (%) ≤6
Methylene blue (mg/g) 120-240
PH 5-8

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