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Natural Maifanite/ maifan stone for improving soil quality

Product: Maifanite / Maifan stone

Color: White-green

Common size: 0.5-1,1-2,2-4,4-6,6-8, 8-10mm 1-2cm

Usage: Improving soil quality

Packing: 25/ 50 kg/bag


Maifanite can stabilize, improve, and balance the physical functions of the soil, so it has advantages over other soil modifiers. The use of maifanite can reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and soil improvers, and can economically and effectively improve soil quality and protect the environment.

Advantage of Maifanite / Maifan stone

  • Promote grassland growth.
  • Speed up the growth of crops, improve crop quality and increase yield
  • Reduce and absorb residual pesticides to ensure that crops can be safely consumed
  • Maifan stone is an effective soil improver, activating minerals

Application of Maifanite / Maifan stone

  • Improving soil quality
  • Animal feed
  • Remove bacteria
  • Water odor elimination
  • Heavy mental removal
  • Water purification
  • Sewage treatment

Specification of Maifanite / Maifan stone

Physical performance Test Data Chemical properties Test Data
Proportion 2.53 g / cm3 SiO2 68.2%
Bulk density 1.6 g / cm3 AL2O3 15.4%
Porosity ≥50% Fe2O3 3.1%
Broken rate 1.2% K2O3 4.2%
Wear rate 1.0% Na2O 4.2%

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