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High quality granular zeolite sand products

Product: Zeolite

Color: Pink white green gray etc.

Common Size: 0.5-1,1-2,2-4,4-6,6-8,8-10mm

Usage: Water treatment

Packing:25/50kg /bag


Zeolite is a mineral that was first discovered in 1756. Swedish mineralogist Cronstedt found a class of natural aluminosilicate ore that boils when it is burned, hence the name “zeolite”

Advantage of Zeolite

  • Develop pore structure
  • Variable water content
  • Widely distributed

Specification of Zeolite

Density1.8 ~ 2.2g / cm3
Bulk density1.4g / cm3
Void≥ 50%
Specific surface area500 ~ 800 m2 / g
Hydrochloric acid soluble rate≤ 0.1%
Filtration rate4 ~ 12 m / h
Wear rate< 0.5%
Broken rate< 1.0%
Clay content< 1.0%
Full exchange of capacity2.2 ~ 2.5 mg / g

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