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High quality brown fused alumina products

Product: Brown fused alumina

Raw material: Bauxite

Color: Brown-red

Usage: Abrasive material, Refractory material

Common Size: 1-3 3-5 5-8mm or 16 24 36 46 60 80 mesh

Packing: 25kg/bag


Brown Fused Alumina is made from calcined bauxite. it is hard and tough material. Brown fused alumina can be used for both as abrasive material and refractory material according to its Al2O3 content. BFA products are well applied in sandblasting, polishing, refractory bricks and pottery sector.

Features of Brown Fused Alumina

High hardness, crystallinity, good fluidity, little adhesion, no detenate, crack, and pulverization during use . The calcined abrasive tool is dark blue in color, without mesh cracks and rust spots.

Produce Processing

Raw material sorting→electrolysis smelting→crushing→magnetic separation & deironing→screening→physical & chemical inspection

Specification of Brown Fused Alumina

Product modelMain indicatorsdensityappearanceusepackaging
BFALevel 1≥95≤0.3≤1.53.85Brown-red particleRefractory, fine cast25kg/Bag
the proximate grade≥90≤1.3≤1.53.85Brown granular gray powderPolishing, grinding25kg/Bag
Level2≥85≤1.8≤1.53.85Black granular gray powderGrinding, grinding wheel, cutting pieces, sandblasting25kg/Bag
the proximate grade≥80≤2.3≤1.53.85Black granular gray powderPolishing, grinding25kg/Bag
Level 3≥70≤4.3≤1.53.85Black granular gray powderfloor25kg/Bag

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