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Green silicon carbide for sand wheel manufacturing

Product: Green silicon carbide

Raw material: cpc, coal tar

Color: Green

Usage: Sand wheel making

Common size: 1-3 3-5 mm F 16-325 mesh

Packing: 25kg/bag


The raw material of Green silicon carbide is more pure than the black one. It is also formed at a high temperature of about 2200 ° C in a resistance furnace. It is green, translucent, and hexagonal, and its Sic content is higher than black. , Physical properties are similar to black silicon carbide, but the performance is slightly more brittle than black, and also has good thermal conductivity and semiconductor characteristics.

Characteristic of silicon carbide

  • High hardness
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Thermal expansion coefficient is small
  • Stable chemical performance
  • Wear-resisting performance is good
  • Crispy

Application of silicon carbide

  • Sand wheel making
  • Ceramic producing
  • Glass treatment
  • Semiconductors

Specification of silicon carbide

SiC > Free carbon < Fe2O3 <
99 0.2 0.2
98.5 0.2 0.6
98 0.3 0.8
97 0.3 1.2

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