Columnar activated carbon

Columnar activated carbon is created by extruding activated carbon into cylinder shape with diameters ranging from 0.9 to 5 mm. Their high active performance and large surface area make it became a ideal product applied for many vapor phase purification.


Columnar activated carbon is made from high-quality coal,can be widely used in gas and liquid phase adsorption, catalyst carrier, anti-virus, protection, etc.

ProductCylinder Activated Carbon
Hardness% min95959595
PH Value (PH)7-117-117-117-11
Pore Volume (cm³/g)
Bulk density (g/cm³)0.45-0.650.45-0.650.45-0.650.45-0.65
Methyl Blue (mg/g)min150150150150
Surface Area (m²/g)800800800800
Ash Content% max10101010


  1. Gas phase adsorption
  2. oil-water separation
  3. recovery of gasoline from refineries and gas stations
  4. recovery of organic solvents
  5. Removal of harmful gases
  6. gas mask
  7. car exhaust purify

Features & Benefits:

  1. High mechanical strength
  2. Developed internal pores
  3. Good adsorption performance
  4. Easy regeneration
  5. Low cost

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