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Coconut shell activated carbon for odor Elimination

Products: Coconut shell activated carbon

Usage: odor elimination

Common Size: 4×6 6×8 12×40 20×40 mesh or as your need

Packing: 25kg/ bag



Coconut shell activated carbon use coconut shell imported from Indonesia as its raw material. Processing under carbonization, activatcation to enable the products has large Specific surface area to absorb the Impurities of water and gas.

Application of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

  • Gas cleaning
  • Drinking & Waste water purification
  • Gold mining
  • Decolorization
  • As catalyst carrier

Technical Specification

Iodine Value (mg/g) 800-1200 Moisture (%) 3-5
Benzene adsorption(mg/g) 400 PH 5-9
Hardness (%) ≥ 95 Density (g/cm³) 0.38-0.45
Ash Content (%) 4-8 Size 4×8 mesh

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