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Coal granular activated carbon price per ton

Products: Coal based activated carbon

Usage: water treatment, order removal etc.

CAS: 7440-44-0

Common Size: 4×6 6×8 12×40 20×40 mesh or as your need

Packing: 25kg/ bag


Coal granular activated carbon , hard black granular, also called activated charcoal, use Ningxia “Taixi”anthracite coal as its raw material, it has great performance in water purify and gas cleaning.

Coal Activated Carbon Application:

  1. Water purification
  2. Used for drink manufacturing
  3. Oder elimination
  4. Sewage treatment
  5. Catalyst carrier

Data Index:

Iodine Value (mg/g) 600-1100 Moisture (%) 3-5
Material Anthracite PH 7-9
Hardness (%) ≥ 95 Density (g/cm³) 0.55-0.65
Ash Content (%) 5-12 Size as your need
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