Coal granular activated carbon

The adsorption capacity of granular activated carbon (GAC) makes it very suitable for removing various pollutants in water, air, liquid and gas. GAC is also an environmentally responsible product that can be reactivated by thermal oxidation and can be used multiple times in the same application.

By changing manufacturing conditions, internal pore structures are created by giving each product specific unique adsorption characteristics. Due to impurities and proprietary process conditions, product choices for specific applications will vary.


Granular activated carbon is defined as activated carbon retained on a 50 mesh screen. We produce GAC with a variety of materials, methods and degrees of activation to produce activated carbon designed to meet and exceed the needs of various applications.

From water treatment to gas-phase applications, to the purification of other aqueous and organic liquids, to the treatment of sucrose solutions, Dingxinda offers a wide range of custom engineered granular activated carbons that are suitable for a wide range of production processes and environmental applications.

Coal Activated CarbonTechnical index

Anthracite activated carbon granules Class A Class B Class C
Iodine adsorption value> mg / g 1100 1050 900
Ash% 5 8 8
Moisture <% 5 5 5
Bulk density Kg / m3 450 500 550
hardness 92% 95% 95%
PH 5-9

Coal Granular Activated Carbon Application

  1. Water treatment and gas phase purification
  2. Used as catalyst and catalyst carrier in chemical industry
  3. Refining various precious metals
  4. For industrial exhaust gas purification, denitration, gas separation, pressure swing adsorption, air drying,
  5. Fresh food, gas mask, dioxin removal, promoter, home decoration,

Granular Activated Carbon Feature:

  1. Rich pore structure; uniform particle size;
  2. Good specific surface area and large pore volume;
  3. Chemical properties are stable and durable.
  4. Strong adsorption capacity, fast adsorption speed
  5. Made from Ningxi Taixi high-quality anthracite or coconut shell
  6. Mainly used in water treatment and gas phase purification
  7. Also used for decolorization and purification of organic solvents
  8. Large mechanical capacity, regeneration and low cost

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