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Abrasive SIC Black silicon carbide

Product: Silicon carbide

Raw material: Quartz sand, coal tar

Color: Black

Usage: Abrasive material

Common size: F 16-325 mesh

Packing: 25kg/bag


Silicon carbide is produced at high temperature in an electric resistance type furnace with quarts sand and petroleum coke as its main raw materials. Its hardness is between fused alumina and synthetic diamond. Mechanical intensity of it is higher than fused alumina. It is sharp and has electrical and heat conductivity in some degree.

Characteristic of silicon carbide

  • Stable chemical performance
  • High hardness
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Thermal expansion coefficient is small
  • Wear resistance

Application of silicon carbide

  • Abrasive media for polishing / sandblasting / grinding

Specification of silicon carbide

Density 3.12g/cm2
SiC 80-98.5%
Free carbon 0.2%
Fe2O3 <0.6%
Hardness 9.6

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