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80% Black corundum/ black fused alumina for cutting slice

Product: Black fused alumina

Raw material: Bauxite

Color: Black

Usage: Cutting slice

Common size: 16 24 36 46 60 80 120 mesh etc.

Packing: 25kg/bag


Black corundum is black, micro – colored solid particles is a new type of polishing materials.Black corundum,also called black fused alumina is made in electric arc furnace, use bauxite then melting , formed a colored crystals with priority to alpha Al2O3 and spinel mineral phase. It is a good material for making cutting slices.

Advantage of Black corundum

high hardness and great toughness and flexibility, wear-resisting and durable

Application of Black corundum

Cutting slice

Specification of Black corundum

CrystalTrigonal system
Hardness (Mohs)≥ 9.0
Melting point (°C)2050
The maximum temperature (°C)1850
True Density (g/cm3)≥ 3. 50

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