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5A molecular sieve used for petrochemical liquid refining

Product: Molecular sieve

Color: Different color

Common Size: Sphere 0.2-0.4 0.5-1mm etc. Columnar: 1.5mm etc.

Usage: Liquid refining

Packing: 30kg/bucket


5A Molecular Sieve, is an alkali alumina silicate. It is the calcium form of the type A crystal structure.It has an effective pore opening of 5 angstroms(0.5nm). It will adsorb molecules with a kinetic diameter of less than 5 angstrom and exclude those larger.

Advantage of Molecular Sieve

  • Various pore structure
  • Strong absorption capacity
  • Strong thermal stability

Application of Molecular Sieve

  • Liquid refining
  • Moisture absorption
  • Gas treatment
  • Drier

Specification of Molecular Sieve

Model5A Molecular Sieve
Nominal pore diameter5 angstroms
Diameter1.7-2.5 (mm)3.0-5.0 (mm)1.6 (mm)3.2 (mm)
8*12 (mesh)4*8 (mesh)1/16 (inch)1/8 (inch)
Bulk density (g/ml)≥0.66≥0.66≥0.64≥0.64
Crushing strength (N/PC)≥30.0≥70.0≥30.0≥50.0
Size ratio up to grade (%)≥98.0≥98.0≥96.0≥96.0
Static H2O adsorption (%)≥21.5≥21.5≥21.5≥21.5
H2O content (%)≤1.5≤1.5≤1.5≤1.5
Wear ratio (%)≤0.20≤0.20≤0.20≤0.20

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