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4X8 mesh nut shell granular activated carbon

Products: Nut shell activated carbon

Raw material: peach shell, palm shell

Usage: water purify, gas treatment

CAS: 7440-44-0

Common Size: 4×8 6×8 12×40 20×40 mesh or as your need

Packing: 25kg/ bag


Nut Shell Activated Carbon usually use peach, palm etc. shell as raw material, it is black grit and has great absorption ability. Activated carbon products is a form of carbon proceessed through carbonization, activacation to enable the products have developed small pores that increase the surface area for adsorption. This impurities removal capacity made nut shell activated carbon well applied in different sectors.

Application of nut shell activated carbon

  1. Water purify
  2. Odor removal
  3. Beverage decolor
  4. Air filter

Advantages of nut shell activated carbon

  1. Wear resistance
  2. Well-developed pore
  3. Large adsorption capacity
  4. Easy regeneration
  5. Cost effectively

Technical specification of nut shell activated carbon

Iodine Value (mg/g) 800-1100 Moisture (%) 3-5
Benzene adsorption(mg/g) 400 PH 5-9
Hardness (%) ≥ 94 Density (g/cm³) 0.38-0.45
Ash Content (%) 4-8 Size 4×8 mesh

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