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4.0 mm activated carbon for harmful gas removal

Products: column activated carbon

Raw material: Ningxia anthracite

Usage: harmful gas removal

CAS: 7440-44-0

Common Size: 4.0mm

Packing: 25kg/ bag


Column activated carbon use high quality anthracite coal as its raw material, after processing by crushing-extrusion forming -drying- carbonization- activation; it becomes small column or we called cylinder ship with excellent gas adsorption capacity. Generally, column activated carbon are used for harmful gas treatment, while with its strong adsorption performance it also can be used for water cleaning.

Features of column activated carbon

  1. High mechanical strength
  2. Developed internal pores
  3. Good adsorption performance
  4. Easy regeneration
  5. Low cost

Application of column activated carbon

  • Harmful gas removal

Datasheet of column activated carbon

Columnar activated carbon
Size (mm)4.0mm
Iodine Value (mg/g)≥700≥800≥900≥1000
CTC (%)≥45≥55≥60≥65
Specific Surface Area ( m2 /g)900100011001200
Moisture (%)≤8≤8≤8≤8
Ash (%)≤12≤12≤11≤10
Hardness (%)≥90≥92≥95≥95
Loading Density (g/l)580-620550-570540-550500-520

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