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30% MnO2 Manganese sand filter material for Mn removal

Product: Manganese sand

Color: Brown / black

Common size:0.5-1,0.6-1.2,1-2,2-4,4-6, 6-8,8-10mm

Usage: Mn removal

Packing: 25/50 kg/ bag


Iron has been in the state of Fe2 + in underground (well) water. Its water has a different color and odor, which contaminates the ion exchange resin and reduces the exchange capacity. After a long time, iron scale is generated, which affects heat transfer and can corrode equipment. The MnO2 in manganese sand undergoes a redox reaction with Fe2 +, which changes Fe2 + to Fe3 + and generates Fe (OH) 3 precipitation, so that the backwash function of the manganese sand filter is used to achieve the purpose of removal and purification.

Advantage of Manganese Sand

  • Strongest interception capacity
  • Largest oxidation catalysis
  • Smallest backwash bleed rate

Application of Manganese Sand

  • Mn remove
  • Iron removal
  • Ground water treatment
  • Drinking water purify
  • Well water purification

Specification of Manganese Sand

Item Index Item Index
Product name Manganese sand for water treatment and removal fe Formula MnO2
MnO2 35-46% Fe 20%
Properties black or brown granule SiO 20%-17%
Relative Density 3.6g/cm3 Bulk density 3.2-3.6/cm3
Moisture <5% Solubility Insoluble in water and nitric acid, soluble in acetone
Size 0.5-1 1-2 2-3 2-4 3-5 (mm)

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