0.9 mm columnar activated carbon

Products: 0.9 mm Columnar activated carbon

Usage: Gas mask, order elimination

Common Size: 0.9mm

Packing: 25kg/ bag


Columnar activated carbon use high quality Ningxia Anthracite coal as its material, it is widely used in gas treatment sector. 0.9mm columnar activated carbon is exclusive for gas mask. It can adsorb harmful gases effectively.

Advantages of columnar activated carbon

  1. Wear resistance
  2. Low ash
  3. Big absorption capacity
  4. Large specific area

Application of Columnar activated carbon

  1. Gas mask
  2. Waste gas adsorption
  3. Exhaust gas elimination
  4. Indoor air cleaning
  5. Deodorization of the wardrobe

Index Specification

Specific Gravity0.55-0.65g/cm3
Iodine Value500-1100
Size0.9 1.0 2.0 3.0mm etc.

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