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0.5-1 mm Maifanite / Maifan stone for heavy mental removal

Product: Maifanite / Maifan stone

Color: White-green

Common size: 0.5-1,1-2,2-4,4-6,6-8, 8-10mm 1-2cm

Usage: Heavy mental removal

Packing: 25/ 50 kg/bag


Maifanite has a certain adsorption effect. After many experiments, Maifanite has certain purification ability to certain viruses, harmful microorganisms and heavy metal elements, and organic substances.

Advantage of Maifanite / Maifan stone

  • Developed pore structure
  • High bioactivit
  • Dissolution stability
  • Good adsorption
  • Decomposition ability

Application of Maifanite / Maifan stone

  • Heavy mental removal
  • Water purification
  • Sewage treatment

Specification of Maifanite / Maifan stone

Physical performanceTest DataChemical propertiesTest Data
Proportion2.53 g / cm3SiO268.2%
Bulk density1.6 g / cm3AL2O315.4%
Broken rate1.2%K2O34.2%
Wear rate1.0%Na2O 4.2%

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