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Zircon sand

zircon sandZircon sand is a mineral mainly composed of zirconium, silicon and oxygen crystallized from magma when igneous rocks were formed.

Zircon sand is also produced in veins and metamorphic rocks. It belongs to the tetragonal crystal system, and often has well-developed cone-shaped small tetragonal cylinders, and also has irregular grains. Brittle, fractured shell-like. Is a high-quality refractory.

Application of zircon sand

Zircon sand is extremely high temperature resistant and its melting point is 2750 degrees Celsius. And resistant to acid corrosion. 80% of the world is directly used in the foundry industry, ceramics, glass industry and the manufacture of refractory materials.


  1. The crystals are short columnar, usually in the shape of a quadrangular column, a quadrangular double cone or a complex quadrangular double cone.
  2. Due to the different formation conditions, the crystal morphology is different.
  3. For example, the zircon tetragonal double cones in alkaline igneous rocks develop into a double cone shape; the zircon cylinders and cones in acid igneous rocks both develop and develop in columnar planes, and complex tetragonal double cones appear, so the crystal form of zircons can be As a standard feature.
  4. Zircon sand has various colors, including purple, yellowish brown, light yellow, light red, green, gray, colorless, etc., diamond-gloss. Moss hardness is 7.5 ~ 8, and specific gravity is 4.4 ~ 4.8. Beautiful and transparent zircon can be used as a gem.
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