ZeoliteZeolites are microporous, aluminosilicate minerals commonly used as commercial adsorbents and catalysts.

Application of zeolite

  1. Softening treatment of small and medium boiler water, decalcification of boiler water, magnesium ions, reduction of scale formation, reduction of metal corrosion on the water side, and extension of service life.
  2. Removing P, Cn and Cr from wastewater.
  3. Additive and deodorant of livestock forage.
  4. Soil conditioner agent in agriculture.


  1. Powerfull ion-exchange capacity.
  2. Removing Ca and Mg ion from water .
  3. Large specific surface area and strong adsorption .
  4. Strong static electricity, make sewage reach discharge or drinking standard .
  5. Non-toxic, odorless, natural adsorbing material with no pollution to environment .
  6. Good acid resistance and heat resistance.
  7. Easy back washing, renewable .

Specific gravity g / cm3

1.2-1.4 Mud content ≤1.0

Bulk density g / cm3

0.55-0.8 Moisture%


Attrition rate% ≤1.0 Sodium ion exchange capacity


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