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walnut shellsWalnut shells is a kind of granular material processed by degreasing, crushing, screening, etc., with microporous surface and good adsorption effect. It is also a natural polishing material and polishing abrasive. Using it as an abrasive will not damage the workpiece. Good surface and polishing effect


  1. Filter material products are widely used in oilfield, chemical industry, tannery and other industrial wastewater treatment and urban water supply and drainage projects. They are the ideal water purification filter materials for various filters.
  2. Polishing materials are mainly used for polishing and deburring of glasses accessories, pearl jewelry, buttons, electronic components, stamping parts, etc.


Beautiful luster and brown, using high-quality pecan shell as raw materials, processed by crushing, cyclone, polishing, steam washing, screening and so on.


Walnut shell has strong toughness, wear resistance and pressure resistance, strong adsorption capacity, no agglomeration, no rot, insolubility in acid and alkali, stable chemical properties, good hydrophilicity, strong resistance to oil invasion and oil removal, and easy to wash advantage

Technology Index

Test items

Test Data Test items Test Data
hardness 2.5-3.0MOH Walnut shell content


Suspended matter removal rate

95-98% Water flushing pressure


Moisture content

8.7% Maintenance method 5-10% per year
density 1.25g/m³ Bulk density


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