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Silica sandSilica sand, also known as silica or quartz sand. Refractory particulates with quartz as the main mineral component and a particle diameter of 0.020mm-3.350mm are divided into artificial silica sand, washed sand, scrub sand, and selected (flotation) sand according to different mining and processing methods.


Another important use of silica sand is as a filter and filter for water treatment.

Silica sand is widely distributed and the price is cheap. The study of the adsorbent with silica sand as the main component provides a basis for solving the problem of water pollution.Therefore, using silica sand as a raw material to study its surface conditions, adsorption properties and other properties is of great significance in terms of treating water pollution and improving the environment.

Technical index

Analysis Project

Test Data Analysis Project Test Data
proportion 4.58g/cm3 Fe2+


Test weight

2.6g/cm3 Fe3+ 40-42%
Breaking rate 0.45% Fe3O4


Wear rate

0.25% Al 0.165%
Moh’s hardness 8 S


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