RecarburizerThere are many kinds of raw materials for carburizing agents, and the production processes are also different. There are lignin carbon, coal carbon, coke, graphite, etc. There are many small types under various categories.


  1. Carburizing agents are used in the smelting process.
  2. Used for increasing carbon in induction furnace;
  3. It is used to increase carbon in special steelmaking and ductile iron casting.
  4. Coal-based carbon recarburizer is used to increase carbon in cupola furnace;
  5. Used for double process carbon increase;
  6. It is used to increase carbon in the molten iron in front of the furnace.

Function of recarburizer

The use of carbon replenishers can not only make up for the carbon loss during the smelting process of iron and steel, ensure the requirements of the specific grade carbon content of steel, but also be used for furnace adjustment.
As an important raw material for melting molten iron in an induction electric furnace, the quality and usage of the recarburizer directly affect the state of the molten iron.

Technology Index

specification Fixed carbon% sulfur% nitrogen% Moisture% Ash content%

Volatile matter%


90 0.3 0.25 1 8.5 1.5
3-5mm 94 0.25 0.25 0.5 4.5



95 0.3 0.25 0.5 4 1.5
1-5mm 92 0.3 0.25 1 6.5


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