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Powder activated carbon

Activated Carbon Safety Data Sheet


Powder activated carbon is made of high-quality wood chips, coconut husk and coal as raw materials and refined through a series of production processes.

Production Process

  1. Physical method: wood chips → steam activation → refining → crushing
  2. Chemical method: wood chips screening → addition of zinc chloride or phosphoric acid → carbonization → activation → drying → grinding → packaging and storage


Powdered activated carbon has the advantages of fast filtration speed, good adsorption performance, strong decolorization and deodorization ability, economy and durability.


  1. Chemical powder activated carbon: suitable for decolorization of sugars such as glucose, sucrose, and maltose.
  2. For the removal of citric acid, bladder acid, oils and fats, chemical products, purification of nuclear molecules.
  3. Physical method powder activated carbon: suitable for the decolorization, impurity removal and exquisite of medicine, food additive, monosodium glutamate, chemical industry, beverage, etc.
  4. It is favored for waterworks and sewage treatment plants.
  5. It has a wide range of applications in food, medicine, decolorization, crystallization, filtration, and material purification.
  6. It is also the main material of activated carbon filter felt and activated carbon foam.


  1. Activated carbon is a porous adsorbent. Therefore, water immersion must be absolutely prevented during transportation, storage and use. After water immersion, a large amount of water fills the active voids, making it ineffective.
  2. During the use of activated carbon, tar-like substances should be prohibited from being brought into the activated carbon bed, so as not to block the gap of activated carbon and lose its adsorption effect.
  3. When storing or transporting activated carbon, prevent direct contact with the fire source to prevent fire.

Technical index

Item / variety / indicator 78-A type B type 786 type
First level Secondary First level Secondary
Caramel decoloring% ≥ 100 90
0.15% methylene blue ml 12 10
PH value 3-5 3-5 5-7 7-9
Total iron content% ≤ 0.05 0.10 0.05 0.10
Chloride% ≤ 0.20 0.25 0.25 0.25
Ignition residue% ≤ 4.0 8.0 5.0 8.0
Loss on drying% ≤ 10 15 10 15
Iodine value mg / g >850 Moisture% ≤8
Specific surface area m2 / g >1000 Specifications: 180-200 mesh, can be customized
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