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Polyferric sulfate

Polymeric ferric sulfate is an inorganic polymer coagulant with excellent performance. Its morphology is a light yellow amorphous powdery solid, which is very soluble in water. The 10% (mass) aqueous solution is a reddish brown transparent solution with hygroscopicity.


Polyferric sulfate is widely used in the purification of drinking water, industrial water, various industrial wastewater, municipal sewage, sludge dewatering, etc.


  1. New, high-quality, high-efficiency iron salt inorganic polymer flocculant;
  2. Excellent coagulation performance, dense basketball flowers and fast overtaking speed;
  3. Excellent water purification effect, good water quality, exclude harmful substances such as aluminum, chlorine and heavy metal ions, and no water phase transfer of iron ions, non-toxic, harmless, safe and reliable;
  4. Remove turbidity, decolorization, deoiling, dehydration, sterilization, deodorization, algae removal, COD, BOD and heavy metal ions in water are effective;
  5. The wide range of PH value of the adaptable water body is 4-11, and the optimal pH range is 6-9. The range of pH and total alkalinity of raw water after purification is small, and the corrosion of processing equipment is small;
  6. Pollution treatment of micro-pollution, algae-containing, low-temperature and low-turbidity raw water is remarkable, especially for high-turbidity raw water;
  7. The dosage is small, the cost is low, and the processing cost can be saved by 20% -50%.

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