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Nutshell activated carbon

Activated Carbon Safety Data Sheet

nutshell-activated-carbonNutshell activated carbon choose high quality coconut shell and nut shell as raw material,it is made by the carbonization and activation, superheated steam technology , the appearance is black indefinite from particle.


Nutshell activated carbon has the advantages of good abrasion resistance, developed gaps, high adsorption performance, high strength, easy regeneration, and low price.


  1. Water Treatment:drinking water, industrial water and wastewater purification 。
  2. Gas Purify:industrial gas desulfurization, gas separation, pressure swing adsorption, air drying, food preservation, gas masks.
  3. The products can more decolorization, purification, cleaning, deodorizing, purifying, recycling and other functions.


Nut shell activated carbon is widely used in drinking water, domestic water, beverage water, water plant, boiler water for power plants, industrial pure water purification, and also for the purification and purification of various industrial wastewater. Harmful substances such as chlorine, phenol, mercury, iron, lead, arsenic, chromium, silica gel, cyanide, and effective deodorization and color removal.

Technical index

Item / variety / indicatorCoconut shell activated carbonNutshell activated carbonItem / variety / indicatorCoconut shell activated carbonNutshell activated carbon
granularityIodine adsorption value mg / g1000900
≥24 mesh≤1≤1Benzene adsorption value mg / g400400
24-42 mesh≥82≥82Acetic acid adsorption value mg / g500500
≤48 mesh≤5≤5Adsorption value of zinc acetate mg / g76
Average particle size mm0.44-0.490.44-0.49Minimum fluidization speed m / s9-12.59-12.5
Strength (ball milling method)%≥95≥90Ignition point ° C500500
Filling density g / cm30.4-0.500.87-0.45PH value5-7.55-7.5
Loss on drying%≤10≤10≤8≤8
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