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Graphite petroleum coke

Graphitized Petroleum Coke is made from high quality petroleum coke under a temperature of 2,500-3,500°C. As a high-purity carbon material, it has characteristics of high fixed carbon content, low sulfur, low ash, low porosity etc.It can be used as carbon raiser (Recarburizer) to produce high quality steel,cast iron and alloy.It can also be used in plastic and rubber as an additive.

Features & Benefits:

  1. The particle size is moderate, the porosity is large, and the absorption speed is fast.
  2. Chemical composition is pure, high carbon, low sulfur, harmful ingredients are relatively small, high absorption rate.
  3. Petroleum coke carburant has good crystal structure and improves the nucleation ability of the original molten iron. During inoculation, the number of nodular graphite cast iron is increased, and graphite core is added to the iron melt of the electric furnace, and the distribution of homo- geneous graphite in the casting is refined.
  4. Excellent performance and stability. Proper Petroleum coke carburant can help reduce the cost of smelting and improve the quality of smelting metals and castings.

Storage method:

  1. Must be stored in a fireproof building.
  2. Do not mix with oxidants.
  3. The storage place must prohibit naked racks. The graphite core is added to the electric furnace iron melt to refine the distribution of graphite in the as-cast state.
  4. Excellent performance and good stability. Proper petroleum coke carbon enhancer can reduce the cost of smelting and improve the quality of smelted metal and castings.

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