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Our company is specialized in producing and processing, low nitrogen carburant, graphite electrode, graphite products, the calcined petroleum coke is 3000 DEG C high temperature graphitization structure, reduce harmful components of sulfur, nitrogen and phosphorus, ash, etc., with a high degree of graphitization, than the major absorption rate is high and fast, and promote the process of breeding and the ball, effectively improve iron graphite, reduce iron cementite, with today is market crushed graphite carphite coke carbon additives and low price, the use effect rather, has been widely recognized by the market.

Features & Benefits

  1. High fixed carbon, high absorption rate, low sulfur and nitrogen, and the absorption rate faster than similar graphitization carburant, and absorption of furnace wall, completely absorbed no residue, the price is lower than the similar pieces of graphite electrode low sulfur carbon agent, the highest price.
  2. High absorption rate, according to the use of the method to achieve the highest absorption rate can reach more than 90%.
  3. Fast absorption rate, fastre than similar graphitized carbon absorption, adsorption of furnace wall, and no residual, furnace carbon absorption speed advantage is more obvious.
  4. The nitrigen content, the lowest was less than 100ppm in the same graphitization of low nitroen carburant in the price advantage.
Product number Product index
Fixed carbon Ash Volatile matter S H2O N
ZCDD-1 90%min 7%max 1%max 0.4%max 0.5%max 0.06%max
ZCDD-2 96%min 3%max 1%max 0.3%max 0.5%max 0.04%max
ZCDD-3 98%min 0.5%max 0.5%max 0.3%max 0.5%max 0.03%max
ZCDD-4 99%min 0.5%max 0.5%max 0.05%max 0.5%max 0.025%max
granularity 0.2-1mm,1-3mm.1-5mm.5-10mmOr according to customer needs

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