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Foundry Coke

Foundry cokeFoundry coke is special coke for melting iron in the iron furnace. It is a kind of metallurgical coke. It is named for the molten iron used for casting iron parts.


The cast coke should have the characteristics of large blockiness, low reactivity, small porosity, sufficient impact crushing strength, and low ash and sulfur content.


Foundry coke is the main fuel for melting iron in furnaces.

Melting the charge and overheating the molten iron, supporting the material column to ensure its good air permeability. Therefore, the cast coke should have the characteristics of large blockiness, low reactivity and small porosity.

Compared with blast furnace coke, cast coke has the characteristics of less bulky cracks and higher compactness. The foundry coke into the iron furnace is divided into two parts, bottom coke and layer coke.

  1. The role of the bottom coke is to generate heat by burning, melting the metal and overheating the molten iron as it passes through it. Because this part of coke is located at the bottom of the iron furnace, it must withstand the static pressure of the entire material column and the impact force of a large piece of iron material during charging, so it should have a certain crushing strength.
  2. The layer coke is added into the furnace from the upper layer to the metal layer layer to supplement the consumption of the bottom coke. The amount of each layer is the amount of bottom coke consumed by melting a layer of iron material.
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