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Activated Carbon Safety Data Sheet

columnar activated carbonColumnar activated carbon is made of high-quality coal, coconut shell and wood chips through a series of production processes. The appearance is black cylindrical particles,which are widely used in the fields of gas treatment, sewage treatment, desulfurization and denitrification, solvent recovery, nitrogen generator, air separation equipment, painting workshop and other fields.

Production Process

Anthracite → Crushing → Extrusion → Drying → Carbonization → Activation → Packing and Storage


  1. It is mainly used in the purification of toxic gases, waste gas treatment, purification of industrial and domestic water, and solvent recovery.
  2. Used in various aspects of industrial and agricultural production, such as penta-alkali deodorization (refined dethiol), ethylene desalinated water (refined filler), catalyst carrier (palladium, platinum, rhodium, etc.), water purification and sewage treatment
  3. Water quality treatment and protection of power plants in the power industry
  4. Chemical catalysts and carriers in the chemical industry, gas purification, solvent recovery, and decolorization and refining of grease, etc.
  5. Refining and decoloring of beverages, liquor, monosodium glutamate and food in the food industry
  6. Gold extraction and tailings recovery in the gold industry
  7. Environmental protection industry sewage treatment, waste gas and harmful gas treatment, gas purification
  8. And cigarette filters, wood floor moisture-proof, odor-absorbing control of automobile gasoline, pollution control of automobile gasoline evaporation, preparation of various impregnant solutions
  9. Gas phase adsorption, organic solvent recovery (stupid gas toluene, acetone recovery in acetate fiber industry)
  10. Recovery of excess gasoline at refineries, gas stations, and oil depots.
  11. Used in activated carbon to catalyze the removal of HCL from meschlorochloroethane to produce trichloroethylene

Technical index

Iodine value mg / g ≥850
Specific surface area m2/g ≥850
Filling density g / cm3 0.45-0.55
Mechanical strength% ≥90
Moisture% ≤5
PH value 9
Methylene blue mg/g 120-150

Columnar Activated Carbon Display Video

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