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Coconut shell activated carbon

Activated Carbon Safety Data Sheet

coconut-shell-activated-carbonCoconut shell activated carbon is made from high-quality coconut shell using a series of production processes such as carbonization, activation, and superheated steam catalysis.

Production Process

Coconut shell → drying → crushing → carbonization → activation → superheated steam catalysis → shaped packaging.


The appearance of coconut shell activated carbon is black and granular. It has the advantages of developed pores, good adsorption performance, high strength, easy regeneration, economy and durability.


  1. Desulfurized activated carbon: Used as a carrier for gasoline desulfurization (deodorization) catalyst in refinery catalytic unit.
  2. Vinylon catalyst activated carbon: used as a catalyst carrier in the chemical industry, such as as a vinyl acetate catalyst carrier.
  3. MSG refined activated carbon: used for decoloring and refining of mother liquor in the process of MSG production, and also for decoloring and refining of fine chemical products.
  4. Activated carbon for cigarette filters: Used in cigarette filters in the cigarette industry to remove toxic and harmful substances such as tar and nicotine in cigarettes.
  5. Special activated carbon for citric acid: It is used for decoloring, refining and deodorizing various acids such as citric acid, amino acid and cystine.
  6. Special activated carbon for direct drinking water treatment: Activated carbon is used in domestic direct drinking water, water treatment in waterworks, and deep water purification for barrel water production.
  7. Filter grid for filling various ventilation equipment and military gas masks.
  8. It is the first choice for water purification equipment such as carbon water purifiers, filter element fillers, etc., which are most effective in removing chlorine, algae, oxygen evolution and catalyst support.
  9. Gas purification / oil and gas deodorization / catalytic carrier: used for high-purity gas, household, solvent recovery (stupid, toluene, sulfur, carbon disulfide, butane, ketone, etc.) adsorption and recovery.
  10. Used for gold extraction and other precious metal extraction: Not only large adsorption capacity, fast adsorption, can greatly improve gold recovery rate, and equipment production efficiency.

Technical index

project index
granularity 6-50 mesh
Iodine value mg / g 850-1100
strength% ≥90
Dry alkalinity% ≤10
Ash content% ≤10
Moisture% ≤8
PH value 4.5-8
Filling density mg / g 0.45-0.55

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