Ceramsite is a ceramic grain. Most of the appearance characteristics of ceramsite are round or oval spheres, but there are also some imitation gravel ceramsites which are not round or oval spheres but are irregular crushed stones.

Application of ceramsite

  1. Industrial sewage, drinking water treatment, groundwater removal of iron. Manganese removal, heat insulation, heat preservation and fire resistance. Oil fracture proppant.
  2. Insulation and heat insulation: Because ceramsite has a porous interior, it has good thermal insulation properties. The thermal conductivity of concrete prepared with it is generally 0.3 to 0.8 W / (mok), which is 1 to 2 times lower than ordinary concrete.
  3. Fire resistance: For the same fire resistance period, the thickness of ceramsite concrete is 20% thinner than ordinary concrete. In addition, at high temperatures of 650 ° C, ceramsite concrete can maintain 85% of its strength at room temperature. The ordinary concrete can only maintain 35% to 75% of the strength at room temperature.
  4. Low water absorption, good frost resistance and durability: Ceramsite concrete has better resistance to acid, alkali and frost than ordinary concrete.
  5. The oil fracturing support effect is very good: oil wells fractured with high alumina proppant can increase production by 30-50%, and can also extend the service life of oil and gas wells. When the product is applied to deep well fracturing construction, it is filled into the rock fractures of the low-permeability ore deposit, and high closed fracturing treatment is performed to crack the oil-bearing rock layer to support the fractures not to be closed due to stress release, thereby maintaining the High diversion capacity can not only increase oil and gas production, but also extend the service life of oil and gas wells.
  6. Good water purification effect: Generally used as a homogeneous filter for water treatment. It has a smooth surface, low filtration resistance, abrasion resistance, no breakage, no agglomeration, easy regeneration, and generally is not replaced.


  1. Rough surface, microporous, internally developed porosity, large surface area.
  2. Interception capability, the general position 9-13kg / m.
  3. High filtration rate, usually 15-20m / h, up to 35kg / m.
  4. The backwash water consumption is low, only 30-40% quartz filter material.
  5. Chemical stability, strong anti-acid-base properties, long service life.
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