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Anthracite filter media

Anthracite filter mediaAnthracite filter material uses high-quality raw coal as raw material, which is selected, crushed, and sieved twice.

The surface of anthracite particles is rough, has good adsorption capacity, large porosity (≥52%), high pollution capacity, and because of its light weight, the required backwash intensity is low, which can save a large amount of backwash water and electricity.

Application of anthracite filter media

Industrial water, chemical wastewater treatment, water purification, double-layer filter, three-layer filter, power plant boiler wastewater treatment, tap water purification.

Anthracite filter media is widely used before and after water treatment in chemical, metallurgical, thermal power, pharmaceutical, papermaking, printing and dyeing, and food production.

Physical properties

Chemical properties


unit data projec


proportion g/cm3 1.50 C >80
Test weight g/cm3 0.947 Pb 0.045
Breaking rate ≤0.80 Cu 0.028
Porosity 47-53 Zn 0.04
Wear rate ≤0.55 S 0.05
Solubility of hydrochloric acid ≤1.28

Coefficient of unevenness k80 1.8-2.0
Moh’s hardness 3.2-3.8
Ash rate ≤2
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