Activated carbon can purify the air, the correct use of activated carbon to purify the air is introduced below:

How to purify the indoor air is now the most troublesome problem for people after the house is decorated. In addition to choosing ventilation to control indoor air pollution, many people now use adsorbents, among which activated carbon is the most commonly used. How to use activated carbon to purify the air correctly?

Select activated carbon with strong adsorption capacity

Not all activated carbons have the same adsorption effect. Only those activated carbons with a large number of pores slightly larger than the diameter of harmful gas molecules have strong adsorption capacity.

Apricot nut shell 6-10mm Apricot nut shell granular activated carbon

Reasonably place activated carbon indoors

Personally, I think that the activated carbon should be placed in the most polluted place, such as the wall cabinet in the room, behind the sofa in the living room, etc.

4-6mm Coconut shell activated carbon

Regular release of harmful substances in activated carbon

Harmful gases are often only adsorbed in the activated carbon without being decomposed. Therefore, after using activated carbon for a period of time, the activated carbon should be exposed to the sun to release some toxic substances.

powder activated carbon

Fourth, replace the activated carbon in time

The adsorption of activated carbon will be saturated. At this time, activated carbon not only has no adsorption effect, but may also release toxic substances in it. If the indoor pollution is serious, it is best to discard the activated carbon after 2-3 weeks of use.

Even if there are even the best air purification activated carbon products, people can easily cause some illnesses if they spend too long in a closed room. For users, always pay attention to opening windows for ventilation, and pay more attention to exercise.