Activated carbon can remove chlorine.


  1. Clean and remove dust before use, otherwise these black dust may temporarily affect the cleanliness of water quality. However, it is not recommended to rinse directly with fresh tap water, because once the porous activated carbon absorbs a large amount of chlorine and bleach in the tap water, it will damage the water quality when it is placed in the filter for use.
  2. It is impossible to clean the clogged debris in the porous pores of activated carbon by simple cleaning. Therefore, the activated carbon must be replaced regularly to prevent the activated carbon from losing its efficacy due to “saturation of adsorption”. And the timing of replacement is best not to wait for it to fail before replacing it, so as to ensure that the activated carbon can continuously remove the harmful substances in the water quality of the aquarium. It is recommended to replace the activated carbon 1-2 times a month.
  3. The efficiency of activated carbon to treat water quality is related to its treatment dosage, and it is usually “the effect of treating water quality with more dosage is relatively good.”
  4. After a certain amount of activated carbon is used, you should always observe the changes in water quality during the initial period of use, and pay attention to the observation results, as the basis for judging how long the activated carbon has failed and replaced.