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Henan Dingxinda Import & Export Co., Ltd. has been engaged in import and export business for 15 years. It owns four factories that produce industrial raw materials. The business scope is very wide. The fields involved are: environmental protection materials, wear-resistant materials, refractory materials, and chemical products.

Our company has two factories directly producing coal-based activated carbon in Ningxia activated carbon production base with an annual output of up to 6000 tons, one carburizer production factory with an annual output of up to 3,000 tons, and a factory specializing in the production of wooden activated carbon in Chengde, Hebei. With a cumulative output of 3,000 tons, there are 1 factory specializing in the production of abrasive refractory materials in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, and 1 factory specializing in water purification material pharmaceuticals. So Dingxinda can guarantee the quality and production volume of the products. We are currently constantly improving the production line of the factory, scientifically controlling the quality of the products, and insisting on producing good products that customers need and are satisfied with.

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Our highly qualified He nan dingxinda service staff is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our Service Hotline, which provide you with professional services including service center information, price consultations, technical support…


Henan Dingxinda Group has a richer technical team, and we will provide customers with professional technical support according to the actual field.

He nan dingxinda transport services

Delivery terms such as EXW (EX Works), FOB(Free On Board), CIF(Cost Insurance and Freight), DDP(Delivered Duty Paid),etc., could be among your consideration before starting a new…


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